Services Offered

  Forensic Investigation

  Forensic Investigation

Forensics in Architecture involves the process of understanding how things are built and determining the cause and effect of problems. Gary’s expertise in design and construction enable him to focus on the problem and to develop an assessment of the issues. Although each project/case is different, the processes he uses on each one have a common parallel. Gary first researches and reviews the facts as they present themselves followed by non-destructive and destructive testing. After this phase of investigation, the information gathered is analyzed. Sometimes other consultants are brought in for their specific expertise and then a report of the findings is issued. Cost estimating services are usually required and Gary offers assistance in developing the cost of repairs to his recommended scope of work. His cases have involved water intrusion, structural failures, slip and fall occurrences, copyright infringement, and contract and code violations.

Water intrusion is a common problem among many of Gary’s cases. His investigation will often times involve non-destructive and destructive testing of the building components. Each specific part of the wall or roof assembly is reviewed for proper installation to determine the exact cause of the problem. Veneer assemblies especially require close attention to detail. Building code compliance is reviewed as well as compliance with each product manufacturer’s installation instructions.

  Litigation Support

Gary has worked with many attorneys offering his expertise on a variety of cases. From the onset of problems, Attorneys and Owners utilize Gary’s exceptional skills and experience in determining the proximate cause of the problem and where culpability rests.

  Repair Design

Gary's services include designing a repair to the problems that have been discovered during the Forensic Investigation process. This may include providing construction repair documents, preparation of specifications, receiving bids from qualified contractors and providing construction administration services as the repairs are being made.

  Bidding/Construction Administration

Owners many times elect to invite several contractors to provide bids on the repairs. Gary will assist the Owner through this process culminating with a construction contract agreeable to all parties.During construction, he will provide standard construction administration services. These include periodic visits to the site during construction and review of applications for payment. During these visits Field Reports are created documenting the status of construction. Most important during this process is maintaining an open line of communication with the Owner and keeping him informed of the status of construction.